Carolina Orozco

Artist, dancer and traveler from Cartagena, Colombia. With more than 15 years of experience in world dances, she studied “Méditation chorégraphique” at Free Dance song school in Paris, where dance is offered and used as a creative tool for communication, development and personal growth, working with different audiences: young children, teenagers with difficulties and seniors doing therapeutic dance workshops. She lived in several countries such as France, Syria, Egypt, India, Mexico and Ecuador.

In Paris she was part of several dance companies and made international tours with the company “La Mangrove”(Contemporary Dance). India became a passion when she travelled in this country to discover its culture. She practiced indian dances in Paris and Bogotá with several teachers from India: Anandita Basu, Megha Jagawat and Naripatta. Her talent allowed her to give workshops of Bollywood in Paris and other cities in France.

She was a student of the artist, musician and dancer from Congo Chrysogone Diangouaya who introduced her to a French association who brings culture into Parisian hospitals, where she was teaching world dances to people with Alzheimer’s disease, depression and other pathologies. She used rhythms from all around the world, and in particular dances and expressions from India as a communication channel.

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