Joe Belial

I’ve been a photographer and videographer for more than 20 years now; passionate of the visuals and, trust me, I’m enjoying every single moment of this journey. Treasuring each moment unfolded before me. I strongly believe that dance and love can change the world and I, irrefutably think that humans, when pushing together towards the same direction, mountains can be moved, egos can be humbled. a vast amount of unthinkable and magical things can happen and that’s why  I’m embarked on this journey; pursuing the dream of creating dance programs for economically disadvantaged children around the world.


insightDproject arises when I started reflecting  what is beyond dance, beyond those fractions of a moment perfectly executed by dancers; what is their background, which other human dimension can be moved beyond the body. Since then, I began to get in touch with dancers of different nationalities to showcase their art through black and white photography and videography, delving into the inner universe that mobilizes the body for dance.


Thanks to this, we can learn how dancers, through their movements and their voices, communicate the power of transformation that dance has exerted in their lives. The videos highlight the the freedom they transmit with their bodies flowing in space, as a visual metaphor of their internal jurisdiction. In addition to this, their life stories are made known, which at the same time, seeks to sensitize viewers about the premise proposed by iDp.


The contacted professional dancers make up a diverse group, coming from different cultures and nationalities, with different dance styles, who have not only posed before my lens, they have also joined this initiative as instructors, guides and inspiration to move forward and reach the ultimate goal.

Firma Joe