Teófilo Mercado

Teo is a Motion Artist, Choreographer, Dancer and Colombian Performer. His origin is the Traditional Afro Colombian Dance; he is a dancer and carrier of ancestral cultural knowledge. Virtuoso dancer of traditional dances and experimental afro-contemporary dance, one of the most refined in the country. His tireless search and desire to exalt his Afro roots have led him to settle in the midst of research processes of traditional Afro-Colombian dances and their impact on the current context by generating creative and innovative proposals, keeping the essence of the rites of tradition, putting in context the idiosyncrasies of the Afro-Colombian cultural heritage.

He worked as a dancer in: La Llama del Tambor Folkloric Group (1992), Jorge Tadeo Lozano University (1994), Calenda Getsemani (1995), Ekobios National Folkloric Ensemble (1997), Danza Teatral Gente de Teatro, Danzas de los Llanos Orientales.

He was artistic director in: Compañía Afrocolombia, Ballet Decamerón Isla Palma, Corporación Folclórica Candilé, Fundación Cultural Danza Negra, San Felipe Neri Educational Institution, Fuscrip Foundation, Alegría Foundation “Éxito”, Carnival Festival of Mushaisha (Cerrejón-Guaira), Tour de la Salsa 2010, Espacio de Pensamiento Creativo Permanencia.


He also assumed the role of Choreoarapher in Fundación Cultural Cumbali, and Avianca (Cartagena). He leads and directs the process of the Granitos de Paz Foundation, Corporación GIROS, the AFROBATATA folkloric group and his own companv of Afro contemporary dance Danfroc. www.danfroc.org

Teo joined insightDproject in 2018