Alexia Traore

Born in Paris in a family with Mediterranean roots, Alexia Martin is a dancer and choreographer. Anchored in a contemporary approach to extra-European dances (dances from the Maghreb, the Middle East, Afghanistan), their expressions reflect the complexities of human identity and its construction.

Her atypical gesture oscillates between lyricism and minimalism, which connects the experience of devotion. Over a long, self-taught practice of spinning, she developed a deep connection to Sufi culture, the foundation of her art. “My body is not an object of spectacle. What it gives to feel, different for each spectator of my dances, what goes through the movement, this is my way»

The richness of her repertoire and her sensibilitv led her to meet Egyptian, Algerian, Indian, Afghani and Pakistani musical ensembles, wIth whom her expression oT improvised dialogue and find the common space to their identity and her own.


Since 2003, she has presented her creations on many stages: Institut du monde Arabe (Paris), Mawazine Festival (Rabat), Institute of Islamic Cultures (Paris), Bloomsbury Theater (London). Committed to recognizing the essential contribution of traditiona cultures to the heritage of humanity, Alexia defends a dance practice based on the immense artistic wealth of these cultures to build, through art, a society more harmonious and united.


She is an author of stories and poems that she associates with her creations. Passionate about transmission, tireless observer of the urban territory as a source of inspiration, she participates in many creative projects with amateur audiences and in school context.


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Alexia joined insightDproject in 2018