Anthony Paul Panesso

Started his dance career at a young age, 13 years old, in the city of Cartagena, Colombia. He participated as a dancer, for several dance groups ike Dreamstar. Mulatos de Colombia. Ballet Decameron Cartagena, Ballet Decameron Tafoukt and Ebano Dance; also he was part of DMC (Danzas Modernas de Cartagena) and Periferia.

Currently living in Paris, France. He began his dance studies in the academy ‘Centre International de Danse Jazz’ under the mentorship of the well known dancer and choreographer, Rick Odums. Along his studies, Anthony is a member of the company ‘Ballet Jazz Rick Odums’ and the Brazilian cabaret ‘Yesbrasil Pro’. He is a dancer with many essences and energies coming from different styles, which have allowed him to create his own style. He names it ‘Jazzthony’.

Anthony joined insightDproject in 2017