Lucía Correa

She started her dance career when she was 13 years old in the ‘Fundación Ballet Folclórico de Sincelejo’, where she trained in Colombian traditional dances. She has a degree in Basic Dance from the University of Antioquia, focusing on Contemporary Dance and Jazz. In Medellin, she was a teacher in ‘initiation to dance and pre-ballet’, in several academies in the city. Alongside her studies, she was a member for the Afro Contemporary Dance company ‘Wangari’.


Lucía participated in the creations of Contemporary Dance ‘Invisible Muro Inviolable’, ‘La Obra Grita’ and ‘Dancing Around the World Project’, directed by choreographers and dancers such as Beatriz Vélez, Juan Pabón, Mercedes Pedroche and Neila Yatkin. In 2015, she traveled to Cuba to do an intensive workshop in Cuban Contemporary Dance in the ‘Compañía Danza Contemporánea de Cuba’ to do an intensive workshop in Cuban Contemporary Dance in the Compañía Danza Contemporánea de Cuba.

She’s currently living in France where she’s performed in the ‘Pau Brazil Cabaret’ and she participated in the Tropical Carnival of Paris, representing Colombia with the ‘Academia de Salsa Caleña Maritza Arizala’. Lucia is regularly training in different dance academies in Paris.


She thinks dance is part of her Caribbean tradition that’s been evolving along with the experiences she’s had with ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, Brazilian rhythms, African dances and salsa. She feels her body has gone through several stages shaping and identifying her as a versatile dancer who finds in the diversity of movements, freedom.

Lucía joined insightDproject in 2017